Digital Landlord | James Dooley Expands Digital Real Estate Assets download
Digital Landlord | James Dooley Expands Digital Real Estate Assets download
Video published on: 2022-04-27
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Digital Landlord | James Dooley Expands Digital Real Estate Assets video description

James Dooley SEO Interview on Growing Digital Real Estate Assets as a UK Digital Landlord

Global shutdown was caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the most important lessons was that the future is digital. The shutdown made the world seem remote and it heavily relied upon digital assets to run its daily business operations. This digital concept was also common in the real estate industry. The Jetson Era has arrived. Digital is the future. In today's rapidly changing world, digital is the future of real estate. Smart investors recognize that the best time to enter the digital space is now. Will Rogers once said, "Don’t wait to purchase real property. Buy real estate now and sit back." You should be thinking about your next piece of virtual real estate. You could be next big investor!

Before you dive into this exciting market, you might be curious about digital real estate. Even the most experienced investors may find this confusing. Let's dive in and learn more about digital realty. Digital realty can be described as all that you see online regarding real estate. Virtual property is a more technical term. Digital assets include all websites, URLs and domain names. Like all assets, they are worth money. It might be the right time for you to purchase your first digital asset.

These properties can be bought or sold on the open market and are very similar to traditional real property. These social media giants, such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are the landlords of the future. Many social media platforms allow users to buy ads. Facebook ads can be used to boost your profile. The landlord receives passive income and doesn't need to fix leaky faucets as traditional landlords.

Owning digital real estate and becoming a digital landlord is becoming a great way to earn a lively hood! James Z Dooley has became a key digital landlord over the last few years and has earned a huge amount of money from this role. Today, James Dooley SEO talks about his journey into the career of a digital landlord and why you should consider it as a valid option. For more information about James Dooley Entrepreneur and digital assets, then be sure to check out this blog here:


0:00 What made you want to become a digital landlord?
1:00 What training did you do to become a digital landlord?
3:19 What does it take to become a successful digital landlord?
7:46 What's been the most rewarding part of the journey?
10:35 How important is the team to a digital landlord?
14:59 Would you do anything differently during your journey?

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