🌱 Veestro Review & Taste Test: Do These Premade Vegan Meals Actually Taste Good? download
🌱 Veestro Review & Taste Test: Do These Premade Vegan Meals Actually Taste Good? download
Video published on: 2020-11-04
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🌱 Veestro Review & Taste Test: Do These Premade Vegan Meals Actually Taste Good? video description

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Check out our Veestro review to see how easy it can be to keep your freezer stocked with wholesome, low-calorie vegan meals. Veestro offers frozen meals that will stay fresh in your freezer for 8 weeks, so you can easily stock up and not have to worry about ordering weekly. They reheat easily in the microwave, or you can take it slower in the oven or on the stovetop. Their meals are generally pretty low-calorie, making them great for weight-loss. Some are even as low as 200 calories per meal! And with a large amount of variety, it'll be even easier to maintain your nutrition and/or weight loss goals.

Veestro meals offer a variety of options that include meat substitutes and those that are more focused on vegetables, grains & legumes, so you can find your preference or create a variety. They’ve got fun, creative options such as BBQ pizza, chicken nuggets (vegan chicken, of course), and chicken fried steak. There are meals more geared towards lunch, such as soups & stews, and more dinner-like entrees as well.

This service works particularly well for those looking for weight loss meals because their calorie content is remarkably low. In fact, that’s one of the pillars of their food philosophy, to provide low calorie, wholesome, plant-based food that you’ll enjoy eating. With that in mind, your ordering options are pretty flexible, which is another benefit. You can choose a subscription that ships in regular increments, or you can order manually whenever you’d like to. Since your meals last 8 weeks in the freezer, it’s nice not to have to order every single week if you don’t want to. For busy lifestyles especially, this can be a game-changer when it comes to meeting your health goals.

📦 What's in Our Veestro Box:

- South Indian Coconut Stew
- Mediterranean Salad
- Ultimate Veggie Wrap
- Golden Chickpea Stew
- Beluga Lentil Braise

🍽️ What We Tasted in Our Review:

- Ultimate Veggie Wrap
- Golden Chickpea Stew

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📖 Chapters

0:00 Intro to Veestro Review
0:29 Veestro Unboxing Review
1:06 About Veestro & How It Works
1:40 Reheating Veestro Meals
2:03 Taste Test Veestro Meals Review
5:57 Veestro Review Conclusion


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